Hydraulic Bold tensioners in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, AUS

Imperial & Metric Hydraulic Spring Return Bolt Tensioners


A more effective and efficient method of ensuring a bolt has been properly tightened to the highest standard is by using one of our hydraulic bolt tensioners. Our latest addition, the Spring return hydraulic bolt tensioner range, leads to a greatly reduced cycle time, so you’ll have the job done in a fraction of the time. This particular range has been designed to be used for operation topside, and will deliver outstanding results with the highest amount of precision.

For well over a decade, the team at Royal Technic has been supplying industries with top quality industry-specialised items to assist their operations. Our expertise and exceptional customer service has helped build our strong reputation, which we go above and beyond to maintain.

We deliver our range of hydraulic bolt tensioners throughout Australia. If you are located in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or beyond and have a requirement for this equipment, we can organise delivery straight to your location.

Also supplying hydraulic subsea bolt tensioners and tensioning pumps

Our product offering also includes an extensive list of other related items that includes (but isn’t limited to) manual and air-driven hydraulic bolt tensioning pumps, metric and imperial subsea tensioners, flange spreaders and many others.

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