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A vital piece of equipment for safety and many other reasons, air driven hydrotest pumps are used to determine whether there’s any leaks in systems or pipelines. This is achieved by increasing pressure within the sealed pipe and monitoring this pressure – if there are any drops, this is an indication that a leak is present. If you’re interested in a hydrostatic test pump that is both versatile and lightweight, you can look no further, the MHP manually-operated hydrotest pump will work with a number of different fluids and are wonderfully easy to operate, while our air driven hydrotest pumps offer a much faster flow rates and are built with the oil and gas industry safety standards in mind.

We also stock other types of pumps such as manual or electric or air operated 700 bar hydraulic pumps, hydraulic split flow pumps, hydraulic torque wrench pumps and bolt tensioner pumps up to 1500 bar. So, if you run a business in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne or beyond, simply make an enquiry with our team and we can organise delivery right to your business or site location.

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In addition to hydrostatic test pumps, we proudly offer every other hydraulic product you’d need to complete your construction or maintenance project to the highest degree of quality and safety. Included in this long list of specialty items you’ll find hydraulic cylinders and split flow pumps, hydraulic flange spreaders, hydraulic bearing pullers and nut splitters as well as square and hexagonal hydraulic torque wrenches plus a wide range of other products.

After more than twelve years supplying companies with a combination of the highest quality products and above-and-beyond customer service, we’ve fast become a trusted name in the industry. Our dedication to retaining our strong reputation ensures we continue to work tirelessly for every customer and stock only the best quality equipment.

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