HSS - Multi-purpose cylinders

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The HSS single acting multi-purpose cylinder is designed with a wide range of lifting capacities from 4.5 to 109 tonnes along with stroke lengths which vary from 25 to 457 mm hence enabling you to choose the ideal cylinder of your working requirements. The ...

TWH-N Hydraulic torque wrenches drive cylinder

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Hi-Force TWH-N series female hexagon cassette head hydraulic torque wrenches provide a selection of 5 models with output torque capacities from 2625 Nm to 48181 Nm (1906 to 34985 lbf.ft). These wrenches are manufactured from high grade lightweight aluminum (except TWH430N), all models ...

SBT - Spring return topside bolt tensioner - Imperial range

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The SBT imperial spring return bolt tensioners have all of the qualities and advantages of our standard STS range, with the added benefit of a spring assisted return hydraulic pistons. Designed mainly for topside operation, the spring return feature will ...

AHP3 - air driven hydrotest pump high flow

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The Hi-Force AHP3 series of air driven hydrostatic pressure testing pumps provide a selection of three models with output pressure capacities varying from 42 Bars (609 PSI) to 700 Bars (10000 PSI), the AHP3 range offers superior flow rate compared to both AHP and ...

ACP - Auto-centre hydraulic puller kits

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The ACP heavy duty, auto-centering hydraulic puller kit range provides a selection of four models, with capacities from 10 to 50 tonnes. Each model is supplied with a removable hollow ram cylinder, manually operated pump, hydraulic hose and a 100mm diameter pressure ...

TL - ToughLift jacking system

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The Hi-Force ToughLift jacking system offers users the easiest and safest method of lifting material haulers in the mining and construction industry and locomotives in the railway industry, when critical maintenance and breakdown repair work requires completion. Suitable for lifting ...


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