TL - ToughLift jacking system

TL - ToughLift jacking system

Featured Brand: Hi-Force  

The Hi-Force ToughLift jacking system offers users the easiest and safest method of lifting material haulers in the mining and construction industry and locomotives in the railway industry, when critical maintenance and breakdown repair work requires completion.Suitable for lifting even the largest earth haulers in the world, the Hi-Force ToughLift is available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 tonnes lifting capacities. All models are available with either a 110 volt or 240 volt single phase electric driven pump unit or a 6 Bar compressed air driven pump version. All models are operated via a remote, push button hand pendant controller with a 6 metre length control cable to ensure the operator has precise control over the lifting operation from a safe distance away from the load. Hi-Force ToughLift jacking systems are supplied fitted as standard with a hardened steel lifting saddle, patented “snap latch” handle assembly for easy positioning and transportation and a patented jacking system design for increased safety, enabling them to be easily positioned, in the tightest of spaces, to ensure location into the correct and exact lifting and jacking position. Fitted with large diameter wheels and heavy duty tyres as standard, all ToughLift models are narrow in width and have the smallest footprint area in the industry. A wide variety of optional extras are also available which include load holding blocks, swivel load caps, locking, load block extensions, slip lock extensions and accessory tool boxes.


  • Working pressure 700 Bar

  • Choice of 12 models with a range of accessories
  • Used in mining
  • construction & railway industries
  • Choice of 50
  • 100
  • 150 or 200 tonne lifting capacities
  • Patented multi-positional lifting handle for easy transportation and positioning
  • Available with choice of electric or air driven hydraulic pump unit
  • Push button remote hand pendant controller with 6 metre control cable
  • Patented jacking system for safe and correct positioning prior to load lift
  • Wide range of accessories available for even greater versatility
  • Narrow width
  • with small footprint for easy access into confined spaces
  • Integral airline filter
  • lubricator and pressure regulator unit (air driven models only)
  • User friendly design with easily accessible maintenance features
  • Large diameter
  • heavy duty wheels for easy positioning underneath the load



Model                  Capacity             Power                         Stroke                     Weight              Max additional number                 tonnes               Supply                          mm                          kg                    stack in mm

TL050A255              50                     6-Bar air driven                      254                       160                       680

TL050E255              50                      240V electric                        254                       168                       680

TL100A405             100                    6-Bar air driven                      405                       288                       480

TL100A530             100                    6-Bar air driven                      530                       318                       180

TL100E405             100                     240V electric                        405                       296                       480

TL100E530             100                     240V electric                        530                       326                       180

TL150A390             150                    6-Bar air driven                      390                       312                       485

TL150A520             150                    6-Bar air driven                      520                       348                       180

TL150E390             150                     240V electric                        390                       320                       485

TL150E520             150                     240V electric                        520                       356                       180

TL200A380             200                    6-Bar air driven                      381                       372                       500

TL200E380             200                     240V electric                        381                       380                       500


Please check attached brochure for dimensions details and additional information.

Tips on use

Note: The 50 tonne models have a combined lifting and parking position.

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