RSS - Multipurpose skates

RSS - Multipurpose skates

Brand: Hi-Force  

RSS range of industrial, low profile skates offers the safest, fastest and most economical method of moving heavy equipment. The range comprises of 4 models available with capacities of up to 37.5 tonnes per skate. Designed with an endless hardened roller chain which revolves around the skate, at least 5 rollers remain in contact with the floor at any one time, ensuring smooth travel even over cracked concrete floors. With a range of turntables, stabilisers, spacer bars and steering handles available, Hi-Force skates can move and position heavy and irregular shaped loads easily and more economically than other lifting devices. Hi-Force skates are also ideal for use in confined spaces and typical applications include bridge building, transformers, generators, turbines, heavy machinery and many others.


Capacities from 5 to 37.5 tonnes, Available as complete kit or as individual skates, Endless hardened roller chain


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Tips on use

Note : Turntables for RSS100 (RT100) and RSS150 (RT150) are available on request.

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