MSB - Tool boxes

MSB - Tool boxes

Brand: Hi-Force  

Hi-Force presents users with a selection of four tool box models which can be utilized for storing and transporting Hi-Force products and accessories. These tool boxes are made of tough, durable steel construction and provided with an anti-corrosion powder coating making them resistant to corrosion and scratches; thus, making it durable for long years of use in workshops, on-site locations and service centres. These tool boxes are available in lengths of 620 to 1100mm and are provided with a locking latch in order to prevent unauthorized tool usage, preserve tool integrity, and shield them in harsh conditions.


Metal storage and transport box, Width up to 500mm, Durable steel body



Model                                Weight                                 Length                     Width                       Height number                                 kg                                      mm                         mm                          mm

MSB2                                   9.7                                     620                         340                          147

MSB4                                 13.8                                     875                         280                          250

MSB6                                 16.3                                     720                         500                          250

MSB8                                 30.5                                   1100                         500                          250