HWRC - Double acting wire rope cutters

HWRC - Double acting wire rope cutters

Brand: Hi-Force  

The HWRC range of hydraulic cutters is specially made for cutting high tensile locked coil wire rope and solid steel bar. These cutters have maximum cutting capacities of up to 114mm diameter wire rope and up to 40mm diameter 28 tonnes tensile solid steel bar. All models include a double acting hydraulic cylinder which operates at working pressures of up to 700 Bars and an open jaw design cutting head (see pictures below) for easy access to the material to be cut. These cutters have cutting blades and jaws which are fabricated from hardened high tensile steel and the smooth guillotine motion of the cutter significantly reduces the risk of blade jamming.


Working pressure 700 Bar, Double acting design, Smooth guillotine cutting action



                   Cutting capacity in mm                              Oil                            Dimensions in mm

Model               Output     Wire rope                                             capacity      Weight

number              tonnes      mm Ø      Cable      Reinforcing Bar        cm3           kg          Length   Width   Height

HWRC1115           36            38           38                 20                    350           30             400      155      270

HWRC1125           80            63           63                32                     900           60             450      200      390

HWRC1136           80            90           90                32                    1200          70             515      200      390

HWRC1145          120          114          114               40                    2400          95             570      280      445


Replacement blades for HWRC wire rope cutter models: 

Blade                                For

Part number                     Cutter

HWRC1115-B                HWRC1115

HWRC1125-B                HWRC1125

HWRC1136-B                HWRC1136

HWRC1145-B                HWRC1145