HWC - Hammer blow cutters

HWC - Hammer blow cutters

Brand: Hi-Force  

The Hi-Force HWC hammer blow wire rope and cable cutters are designed from premium, shock resistant, ductile iron which is fitted with disposable cutting blades made from tool steel. These cutters provide absolute safety as the cutting blades are retained in the casing at the time of impact. These tools provide a significant time saving in comparison with the traditional axe, chisel and hacksaw method.


Highly cost efficient impact design, Cutting capacity up to 38mm diameter wire rope, Portable and lightweight


Cutting capacity

Model         Wire rope Ø        Electric cable           Weight number           mm               mcm*     mm2             kg



Dimensions in mm

A          B         C          D         E

HWC90             19                 250       127              3.2


225      140        88        N/A      N/A

HWC91             27                 300       152              7.0


245      154       160       148       14

HWC92             38                 750       380             13.0


285      195       195       164       18



Blade                               For

Part number                    Cutter

HWC90-105                    HWC90

HWC91-125                    HWC91

HWC92-135                    HWC92

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