HSWC - Self contained wire rope cutters

HSWC - Self contained wire rope cutters

Brand: Hi-Force  

The Hi-Force self-contained hydraulic wire rope cutters consist of 3 models with varying capacities of up to 44mm diameter. These premium cutters are well-known in several industries worldwide due to its precision engineering design which provides a superior, clean cut with the least effort and time. These tools can easily be transported to the site effortlessly because of its self-contained design. The shear blades are fabricated using premium quality tool steel, heat-treated and grinded to a tight tolerance in order to obtain the best output. Most common user of this tool includes wire rope manufacturers, earthmoving and construction companies, rigging shops, elevator contractors, major building contractors and many other companies


Cutting capacities up to 44mm diameter, Strong rigid steel construction, Easy to use with minimum operator effort


   Cutting capacity

Model                   wire rope                  Weight

number                   mm Ø                       kg



Dimensions in mm

A         B         C         D          E         F       G        H

HSWC19                    19                         9.5


93       58        265     10.2       64       154    345    315

HSWC28                    28                        15.5


105      64        294     10.2        67      174    374    357

HSWC44                    44                        30.0


125      70        393     10.2        84      203    490    460



Replacement blades for HSWC self-contained wire rope cutters :


Blade                                  For

Part number                    Cutter

HSWC19-4                       HSWC19

HSWC28-4                       HSWC28

HSWC44-4                       HSWC44

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