Directional Control Valves

Directional Control Valves

Brand: Hi-Force  

Hi-Force control valves are designed to give precise control of your hydraulic system either by accurate pressure or directional flow control. The PMV range of pump mounted valves are identical to the valves fixed to the Hi-Force powered pumps and can be easily interchanged, making your powered pump even more flexible. The RMV range provides for remote mounting away from the pump. Always use Hi-Force control valves for application with your Hi-Force hydraulic tools.


Working pressure 700 Bar, Pump or remote mounted design, Manual or solenoid options available


Model number

Manual valve        Manual valve       Solenoid valve     Manual valve

Description                                                       no load holding   with load holding  24V incl. control   closed centre

Pump mounted, 2-way, 2 position valve             PMV2                    -                           -                         -

Pump mounted, 3-way, 3 position valve             PMV3                PMV3L                PMV3S               PMV3C

Pump mounted, 4-way, 3 position valve             PMV4                 PMV4L               PMV4S               PMV4C

Remote mounted, 3-way, 3 position valve          RMV3                 RMV3L               RMV3S               RMV3C

Remote mounted, 4-way, 3 position valve          RMV4                 RMV4L               RMV4S               RMV4C