ATDP - air driven hydrotest pump high flow twin double acting design

ATDP - air driven hydrotest pump high flow twin double acting design

Brand: Hi-Force  

The Hi-Force ATDP series of twin double acting air driven hydrostatic pressure testing pumps offer a selection of three models with output pressure capacities varying from 87 Bars (1260 PSI) to 1489 Bars (21600 PSI). The twin double acting design provides a much bigger displacement volume per stroke than the smaller AHP & AHP2 series, making it perfect for prefilling and pressure testing. Each model is provided with a 150mm diameter glycerin filled vibrant-gauge (calibrated on request), inlet airline filter, lubricator and regulator unit, pump start/stop valve and fluid strainer. These models offer higher flow rate compared to the AHP range, thus enabling quicker job cycles. Viton and ethylene propylene seals can be pre-fitted to the pumps for handling special fluids or chemicals. Other seals suitable for use with your required fluids can also be fitted upon request.


  • Output pressures up to 1489 Bar

  • Suitable for use with various fluids
  • Twin double acting design offering high volume flow
  • Air consumption 212 scfm (6m3 /minute)
  • Suitable for use with various fluids including water
  • 150mm dual scale glycerine filled gauge
  • Infinitely variable output pressure and flow
  • Fitted with inlet air filter
  • regulator & lubricator
  • Optional extras include stainless steel frame work
  • pneumatic or LCD stroke counter system
  • onboard chart recorder
  • pressure isolation valve and wheel mounting


Max. output pressure (Bar)        Fluid volume       Outlet

Model            at airline input pressure            displacement        port      Weight

                    10 PSI    60 PSI   100 PSI

number        1.38 Bar  4.14  Bar  6.9 Bar      per stroke (cm³)     thread        kg




Dimensions in mm

Length      Width     Height

ATDP63            87        260         434                  275            1/2” NPT        96


765         570        700

ATDP125         172        517         862                 140             1/2” NPT        96


765         570        700

ATDP216         298        894        1489                 79          1 1/8 ”-12UNF     96


765         570        700