AHP3 - air driven hydrotest pump high flow

AHP3 - air driven hydrotest pump high flow

Featured Brand: Hi-Force  

The Hi-Force AHP3 series of air driven hydrostatic pressure testing pumps provide a selection of three models with output pressure capacities varying from 42 Bars (609 PSI) to 700 Bars (10000 PSI), the AHP3 range offers superior flow rate compared to both AHP and AHP2 models, hence decreasing job cycle times significantly. All models are compactly designed and are suitable for use with a variety of fluids including water. These hydro test pumps are provided with a 150mm diameter glycerin filled hydraulic pressure gauge (calibrated on request), inlet airline filter, lubricator and pressure regulator unit, pressure isolation valve, pressure release valve, fluid inlet via Y-type fluid strainer, pump start/stop valve. These units are supplied with a robust stainless steel skid-mounted structure and also offer optional extras consisting of stainless steel reservoir, stroke counter system, distance piece for chemical duty and chart recorder.


  • Output pressures up to 700 Bar

  • Suitable for use with various fluids
  • 150mm dual scale vibra pressure gauge
  • Air consumption 175 scfm (4.96 m3/minute)
  • Infinitely variable output pressure and flow Fluid inlet 1.1/4 ″ BSPF


Max. output pressure (Bar)       Fluid volume       Outlet

Model             at airline input pressure          displacement        port       Weight

                   10 PSI     50 PSI   100 PSI

number       1.04 Bar   3.45 Bar   6.9 Bar     per stroke (cm3 )   thread         kg




Dimensions in mm

Length      Width     Height

AHP3-040     41.4       137.9       275.8              98.3            1/2” NPTF      40


715         390        490

AHP3-060     62.1       206.9       413.7              57.4            1/2” NPTF      40


715         390        490

AHP3-100     103.4     344.8       689.5              34.4            1/2” NPTF      40


715         390        490