Royal Technic: The Story So Far

  • Date:04 Aug 2016

A lot can be achieved in a little over a decade.

An ample amount of time ago (2005) in a country relatively far away, the iconic Royal Technic brand was born. When we first started, we operated as a general trading company specialising in the supply of industry-specific equipment including hydraulic tools and more. To this day, in Kuwait we mainly work with clients in the oil and gas industries, however we do have a great deal of experience with a wide range of specialist industries.

Our product and service offering in Kuwait spreads across not just the sales, rental and servicing of industrial tools, but also all the way to contracting – our capability to offer leak free bolt tightening is in high demand by some of the biggest contracting companies in the country.

Eventually, after building such a strong name for ourselves as industry leaders, we began considering other locations worldwide that would benefit from our assistance. Expansion had always been on the cards for us, and eventually we decided to branch out and infiltrate the market here in Australia back in 2014. The love we have for this country and its people was a significant driving factor in our decision to set up shop here (as was escaping the plus-50 degree desert heat), and since our inauguration we’ve loved helping every one of our clients find the products they needed.

Although we do not currently offer contracting here, we do cover all of the other areas as per our Kuwait operation. Additionally, we’re here to provide advice, insight, demonstrations, and the best operating procedures for each and every one of the tools we have available. It can all be quite confusing when it comes to the tools we supply, which is why we’ve decided to offer completely free information through our monthly blog posts moving forward. So make sure you visit frequently and check out our latest updates in the coming months if you’re keen on straightforward, easy-to-understand explanations on our tools such as bolt tensioners and more.


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