The Royal Advantage: What we do differently

  • Date:09 Jan 2017

As those who watch this space regularly would know, we at Royal Technic don’t spend a lot of time trumpeting our own achievements. We feel that our position in the industry and the quality of our products speak for themselves, and it is rather more useful to provide information on individual products and best operating practices to our audience. But as we start 2017 we have decided it’s worth restating exactly what we do differently in pursuit of excellence, and why Royal Technic should be your first choice for any hydraulic tools and equipment.

The Trinity of Business

The foundation of our key to success at Royal Technic is well known to anyone who’s read a business manual. The three aspects of any business, Quality, Affordability and Customer Service can be applied to any company in any industry, and the accepted logic is that one cannot deliver all 3 simultaneously without making compromises on at least one of the aspects. At Royal Technic we believe that, while it may be impossible to achieve all three absolutely, that does not mean we can’t try to bridge the gap and bring these three targets closer. Thus, we aim for exceptional standards in every area, and the benefits of these are felt in real terms by our customers.

Quality at a reasonable Price

The quality of our products has never been in doubt. Hi-Force has earned an admirable reputation for their quality over their 35 years in the industry, due to their products being designed and manufactured in the UK with the utmost care and quality mindset. Hence we partnered up exclusively with Hi-Force and refuse to offer nothing but the best to our customers.

That being said, we don’t make our customers feel like they are forced to pay a premium for the quality they deserve. By keeping our costs in check, our prices on Hi-Force gear remain fairly low for what you get. Thus offering an excellent return on investment and making them excellent value for money.

The cherry on top – Customer Service

The third item of the trinity, customer service is our strongest point of difference. We treat each enquiry individually, leveraging our mastery of Hi-Force products and on-site experience, we are happy to consult with our clients to help them finalise a hydraulic solution which meets their requirements at the best budget. We also offer reliable, quick and free delivery on all of our products. Furthermore, when you purchase a product from us, that is only the beginning of our relationship, we’re there for you throughout the lifetime of the product, providing training, support, recalibration, servicing and even helping you keep new employees trained in its use. All of our sales staff enjoy the benefit of years spent working with the products we sell, thus giving them the real world experience to recommend clients the products they require.

At Royal Technic we believe in continuous improvement and thus we draw closer to our potential in this Trinity of values all the time. With this drive to achieve the impossible, there’s no question that we are the go-to company for your hydraulic tool purchases or rental.

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