Royal Technic Opens In Australia

  • Date:26 May 2014

We are glad to announce that we have opened up a Royal Technic branch in Australia. Which is fully setup and operational since May 2014. Although our branches are across the seas, we share the same values and great culture. Royal Technic Australia will specialise in similar products to that specialised in the Middle East, particularly Hydraulic Tools and will also cater to the specific needs and requirements of the Australian market.

Recent News

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    Safety when it comes to Hydraulic Tools

    When working with pressure of 700 bar to 1500 bar, which are extremely high pressure, it is incredibly important to take extra precaution and follow the proper safety precautions when dealing with hydraulic equipment.

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    Royal Technic: The Story So Far

    A lot can be achieved in a little over a decade. An ample amount of time ago (2005) in a country relatively far away, the iconic Royal Technic brand was born. When we first started, we operated as a general trading company specialising in the supply of industry-specific equipment including hydraulic tools and more.