Hydraulic Torque Wrenches – a Twist on Hydraulics

  • Date:07 Feb 2017
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If you’re considering how hydraulic power can be used to improve the quality of a work site, Hi-Force's range of hydraulic torque wrenches, available through Royal Technic, make for a fantastic case study. These forearm-sized tools are in many ways the epitome of what our products do best: they take a simple, laborious and repetitive job, and let a single worker blast through it at an accelerated pace, with precision and minimal effort. Using a hydraulic torque wrench also gives you an increased level of accuracy and repeatability on the quality of work across individual uses. It is this repeatability that lets our customers maintain the standardised level of tightness on every single nut.

Compact, modular, convenient

Royal Technic’s highly recommended hydraulic torque wrenches are our TWH-N range of hexagonal drive, low clearance tool from Hi-Force. Incorporating the best ideas in current wrench design, these tools are extremely compact, lightweight and durable, offering a premium level of portability and efficiency. With a working pressure of 700 Bar and powerful torque output of up to 48181 Nm, the output is accurate to within 3% of the chosen torque setting.

The TWH-N modular design is sleek, versatile, and user friendly. The drive cylinder is shaped to minimise the required clearance radius when a ratchet head is attached, allowing for work in the tightest spaces. Swapping between the Hi-Force range of high-grade aluminium ratchet heads is as easy as disengaging a single pin.

If your company already has a collection of hexagonal socket heads or has a preference towards the square drive type of hydraulic torque wrenches, Royal Technic carry the TWS-N range of square drive torque wrenches as well.

A unique application of force

While they make a great poster child for our range of hydraulic tools, hydraulic torque wrenches also have a number of unique features which separate them from the rest of Royal Technic’s Hi-Force tools. Because of the cyclic ratcheting action required to tighten or loosen nuts, these wrenches require a special kind of hydraulic pump, which is made possible from our HTWP or TPA/TPE range which are both available in air driven or electric driven power options. The TPA/TPE is our state of the art premium pump, which comes standard with 4-way multi-outlet block for simultaneous operation of up to 4 torque wrenches and it also comes with a high speed 3 stage pumping unit, thus ensuring that your job is completed quicker than ever.

Run a tight ship with quality tools

Royal Technic recommends the Hi-Force TWH-N or TWS-N range of hydraulic torque wrenches because they are the most consistent and reliable; no quality is more vital when working with hydraulics. We have the entire range of drive cylinders, pumps, ratchet heads & bushes, backup wrenches and accessories available for purchase. We also provide them for rentals, as short as 2 days or as long as 3 months. Our current rental stock includes, sizes from 1 5/8” AF all the way to 5 3/8” AF and we are constantly looking to further increase our range.

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