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  • Date:04 Nov 2016
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Royal Technic is very proud of our strong relationship with Hi-Force, who rank among the most exciting and fast growing manufacturer of hydraulic tools, equipment, and training in the world. As one of only 2 authorised distributors of Hi-Force products in Australia and the only one on the Eastern coast, we work closely with Hi-Force to bring their unmatched quality of product to the local companies in Australia. Today, we would like to share more of the story behind our chief partner and why you should trust Hi-Force next time your business is shopping for hydraulic tools.

The story of Hi-Force

The story of Hi-Force begins in the early 1980's, giving the company an admirable 35-year record of standard-setting performance in the hydraulics industry. Founded in Daventry, in the United Kingdom, Hi-Force has been supplying high-quality tools since its inception. A stable operation in its home country, the beginnings of Hi-Force's impressive future success started with the establishment of the company's highly-productive Dubai branch in 1992; heading this expansion would be future Managing Director of the Hi-Force group, Kevin Brown.

Hi-Force continued to carefully expand over the next several years, establishing a further regional office in Malaysia and another in the Netherlands under the auspices of Hi-Force UK, to become a truly global company. Throughout this period of expansion, Hi-Force maintained their foundation of high quality standards and customer service.

Moving alongside the oil industry

The next decade of expansion for Hi-Force came as it began to more closely follow and service the international oil and gas industry; a partnership which would last well into the future. This gave the company opportunities to open offices in Abu Dhabi in 1997, South Africa in 2002 and in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2003 establishing itself as a truly global company. Hi-Force's catalogue also expanded to feature over 2000 products. Hi-Force now serves a variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Testing, Ship Building, Rigging etc. by providing tools, software and training worldwide. All of this was also made possible by the expansion of their headquarters and manufacturing facility in Daventry to accommodate new production machinery, greater amounts of stock and a purpose built ECITB approved training school.

Distribution network

Living up to their motto of "Global brand, local service", Hi-Force continually supports its customers worldwide through fully licensed distributors such as Royal Technic in Australia by providing equipment and customer support through us. Hi-Force ensures their high quality standards are met by choosing their distributors carefully and fully training their staff on the products and also on the safe usage of the equipment. By ensuring a properly trained and equipped team is on hand to provide sales, support, repairs and warranty service, wherever their products are sold, Hi-Force continues to show their dedication to quality, undiminished after 35 years.

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