07 Feb 2017

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches – a Twist on Hydraulics

Royal Technic’s range of Hi-Force brand hydraulic torque wrenches make for a fantastic case study. These forearm-sized tools are in many ways the epitome of what our products do best: they take a simple, laborious and repetitive job, and let a single worker blast through it at an accelerated pace, with precision and minimal effort.

09 Jan 2017

The Royal Advantage: What we do differently

As those who watch this space regularly would know, we at Royal Technic don’t spend a lot of time trumpeting our own achievements. We feel that our position in the industry and the quality of our products speak for themselves. 

05 Dec 2016

Hydraulic Cylinders And Jacks: The Simplest Hydraulic Tool

Hydraulic pressure is standardised across Hi-Force cylinders at 700 bar, and serves to lift, push or support an object, which rests on the piston. The function and use are like a common jack but hydraulic cylinders have no internal pump, requiring one to be set up separately to use them, therefore offering more versatility. 

04 Nov 2016

Hi-Force, the Brand We Represent

Royal Technic is very proud of our strong relationship with Hi-Force, who rank among the most exciting and fast growing manufacturer of hydraulic tools, equipment, and training in the world.

03 Oct 2016

Safety when it comes to Hydraulic Tools

When working with pressure of 700 bar to 1500 bar, which are extremely high pressure, it is incredibly important to take extra precaution and follow the proper safety precautions when dealing with hydraulic equipment.

06 Sep 2016

What are Hydraulic Tools?

Simply put, they are tools that utilise a pressurised fluid (usually hydraulic oil) as the source of power to perform a job. This job could be simple jobs such as lifting heavy objects (cylinders and jacks) through to more complex tasks including tightening bolts (torque wrenches).

04 Aug 2016

Royal Technic: The Story So Far

A lot can be achieved in a little over a decade. An ample amount of time ago (2005) in a country relatively far away, the iconic Royal Technic brand was born. When we first started, we operated as a general trading company specialising in the supply of industry-specific equipment including hydraulic tools and more.

26 May 2014

Royal Technic Opens In Australia

We are glad to announce that we have opened a Royal Technic branch in Australia. Which is fully setup and operational since May 2014. Although our branches are across the seas, we share the same values and great culture. Royal Technic Australia will specialise in Hydraulic Tools