ToughLift jacking system

ToughLift jacking system

TL - ToughLift jacking system

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The Hi-Force ToughLift jacking system offers users the easiest and safest method of lifting material haulers in the mining and construction industry and locomotives in the railway industry, when critical maintenance and breakdown repair work requires completion.

TL - ToughLift jacking system Accessories

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Toughlift Jacking System

When you’re working with the heaviest machinery, you need a powerful, reliable tool that you can depend on to keep your company operating efficiently and safely. The Hi-Force Toughlift earthmover hydraulic jacking system provides just that. With a lifting capacity of up to 200 tonnes and stroke lengths up to 500+mm, we are the pioneers in this technology.

Provided by Royal Technic, this system ensures that even the largest vehicles and units can be safely and securely lifted without the use of an expensive crane. Fast to set-up and with minimal running costs, it’s the ideal solution for a range of industries. Save time and money that would be otherwise wasted on more difficult, labour-consuming techniques with Toughlift.

Earthmover hydraulic jacks and accessories

Available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 tonne lifting capabilities, and compatible with a range of handy optional accessories such as flat saddles, slip lock extensions, load locking extensions and load block sets, this system is ideal for any company working with large machinery. When you need a fast, efficient way to get underneath your largest vehicles and units, rely on our Toughlift.

Hi-Force is a respected UK manufacturer of industrial equipment. Producing everything from hydraulic torque wrenches, pullers to pin & bush replacement kits, they’re a reliable name companies around the world trust to perform in even the toughest conditions. We are proud to be a leading Australian supplier of this reputable and high-quality brand.

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