Nut Splitters

Nut Splitters

NS - Nut Splitters

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Hi-Force nut splitters provide the perfect ‘cold cut' solution for eliminating worn out or corroded nuts, particularly in processes in which ‘hot work' are not permitted.

HMNS - Self contained nut splitters

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Hi-Force self contained nut splitters provide the perfect ‘cold cut' solution for getting rid of worn or corroded fasteners, especially in processes in which ‘hot work' permits are not permited.

DNS - Double acting nut splitters

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The Hi-Force DNS range of hydraulic nut splitters provide a selection of two models fitted for splitting nuts of across flats (AF) sizes from 2.15/16 ″ to 5.3/8 ″ (74mm to 136mm). These models have maximum working pressure of 700 Bars and ...

Innovative Hydraulic Nut Splitters

Used extensively in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry, hydraulic nut splitters are quick operating tools designed to split and remove corroded nuts in environments where a cold cut is essential and a hot tool such as a grinder or a cutter is not safe to use.

Royal Technic supplies a wide range of splitters designed to suit various applications. Our standard range spans five models that are suited to hexagon nut AF sizes from 17mm to 75mm, while our double acting range spans two models that are suited from hexagon nut AF sizes 75mm up to 136mm. Featuring a hardened steel linkage that keeps the blade cutting edge parallel at all times, these tools offer increased operational efficiency and allow for a longer blade lifespan – ideal for situations where heavy usage is required.

In addition to standard splitters, we also stock self-contained splitters and double acting splitters. The double action model facilitates simple extension and retraction of the blade thanks to a double acting hydraulic piston.

Looking to buy nut splitters that go the distance?

Offering a wide range of hydraulic nut splitters to businesses across Australia, Royal Technic is the company of choice for those in the gas and oil industry. Backed by years of experience supplying companies overseas, we understand the level of quality and durability required of our equipment.

In addition to splitters, we also supply equipment such as hydraulic flange spreaders, hydraulic low profile torque wrenches and hydraulic bolt tensioners.

For more information regarding our range, please feel free to give us a call today on +61 3 9972 3889 or submit an enquiry through our Enquire Now button.


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