Single acting multipurpose cylinders

Single acting multipurpose cylinders

HSS - Multi-purpose cylinders

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The HSS single acting multi-purpose cylinder is designed with a wide range of lifting capacities from 4.5 to 109 tonnes along with stroke lengths which vary from 25 to 457 mm hence enabling you to choose the ideal cylinder of your working requirements.

Lightweight Hydraulic Aluminium Cylinder Products in Australia

For a wide range of industry applications, Royal Technic provides tools of incredibly high standard and quality that adds a layer of efficiency and safety to your daily processes. Order your hydraulic products, suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Our hydraulic lifting cylinders offer a safe and efficient method to lift large and heavy loads. While our range of steel hydraulic cylinders are known to be extremely reliable and durable, our aluminium alternatives are designed to be reliable and also portable. We also offer hollow piston, double acting and failsafe lock ring variations. With such a large selection offered by Hi-Force, these cylinders are not only comprehensive and versatile; they are also adaptable to various different kinds of situations. These cylinders will make a welcome addition to your workforce.

What sets each hollow cylinder apart?

Hollow cylinders are unique in the way that they can not only be used for regular lifting applications, but they can also be used to provide a push or pull force around a rod or a cable that can be passed through the entire length of the cylinder. This can come in very handy at various applications in a workplace. Some of the common applications of a hollow cylinder are pre-stressing, post-tensioning, testing of a mechanical anchoring system etc.

Each of our products is designed with superior safety standards in mind, making them ideal for use in Australian workplaces. Manufactured with sturdy materials and accompanied with proper safety features and instruction manuals, these products are able to be welcomed into any workplace with ease.

Contact us for more information on our hydraulic hollow cylinders

We are more than happy to provide you further information about any of our products including pancake cylinders as well as cable cutting tools. If you would like to add one of these to your suite of work gear, whether permanently or as a short-term hire option, contact our Melbourne-based sales representatives.

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