Single acting low height cylinders

Single acting low height cylinders

HVL - Very low height pancake cylinders

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The HVL pancake cylinder has an extremely low closed height and 6mm stroke which allows you to make accurate adjustments with exceptional lifting force in very small workplaces. This is perfectly suitable for use in the accurate positioning of ...

HPS - Low height pad cylinders

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The HPS cylinders are designed as single acting with spring assisted return. This cylinder unit gives you the top capacity, along with a low closed height and high stroke length arrangement which is ideal for heavy and accurate alignment

HLS - Low height cylinders

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All cylinder models are provided with spring assisted return pistons and combine low closed height with maximum stroke lengths. HLS low height cylinder offers a powerful force in a compact package.

Low Height Hydraulic Cylinder Products for Sale

With efficient single-acting load return features and a working pressure of 700 bar, each of our low height hydraulic cylinders are able to lift using an extraordinary amount of force, helping you complete your work requirements with efficiency and ease. Each of our products has the capacity to lift anywhere from 10 to 147 tonnes with a stroke length of 6 to 60mm. These durable products definitely act as an advantage to your site.

At Royal Technic, our number one priority is safety. This is why we only supply products that meet stringent safety requirements,

More than hydraulic pancake cylinders

Along with our cylinders we also offer suitable hydraulic pumps and hoses to ensure you receive everything you need.

Since 2014, we have been supplying Australian industries with quality products that make for efficient workforces. Built upon the key principles of reliability, punctuality, quality, relationship and support, we aim to provide a streamlined service that positions us as the sole supplier of engineering products.

We are able to assist firms throughout the nation with their particular needs. Each quote is tailored to suit your firm’s individual needs, providing you with a cost-effective means of obtaining the equipment you need, including hydraulic pullers and nut splitters.

Contact us today on +61 3 9972 3889 to obtain more information, including particulars and specifications on our hydraulic pancake cylinder.


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