Hydraulic Puller Available Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia

Hydraulic Pullers Australia


Royal Technic provides a range of hydraulic pullers for Australian business. Coming in a range of different styles, sizes and capacities, you can depend on the Hi-Force’s range of Hydraulic Pullers supplied by Royal Technic to provide ease of use regardless of the application. Our selection of puller kits range from 10 – 50 tonne capacities, with kits containing its own manual operated pump, hydraulic hose, ram cylinder and 100mm diameter pressure gauge. The APC model Auto Centre hydraulic puller is incredibly easy to use and effective for installing, pulling and pushing. They are the perfect appendage for removing heat fitted or fitted parts of equipment, including flywheels, gears, bearings, sprockets and wheels.

Located in Melbourne, we are able to provide delivery on our range of hydraulic pullers throughout Australia. If you require these products in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney or beyond, when you make a purchase on one of our products we will arrange for super-fast delivery right to your location.

What Sets Royal Technic Apart?

With a dedication to sourcing only the highest quality industrial equipment for Australian businesses, and a passion for building successful ongoing client relationships, Royal Technic has set itself apart as one of the leading hydraulic industry equipment suppliers in Australia and beyond. We believe that the success of industry in a country is partly attributed to the ongoing supply of quality products and trust between businesses and supplier. Therefore, we care greatly about our clients’ requirements, and this means always helping them to find the perfect product for their business.

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